Agriculture machines

Agricultural - An ever-growing world population, coupled with an increasing appetite for biofuels, will continue to boost demand for agricultural machinery in the decades to come.  Agricultural customers are looking to increase the yield from their land and improve efficiency in harvesting their crops - all while complying with evolving emissions standards and improving operator safety and comfort.


Agricultural products vary greatly from region to region, and OEMs must supply a wide variety of vehicles to help farmers bring their crops to market. Through advanced technology and streamlined operations, Dana serves as a major supplier of drivetrains specifically designed for the unique demands of agricultural tractors, articulated and non-articulated tractors, vineyard tractors, compact tractors, specialty harvesting equipment, and combines.

With a complete portfolio of suspended axles, Dana supplies technology that allows agricultural equipment to work faster and maximize productivity while keeping operators comfortable and alert.

Dana proactively addresses the specificrequirements of the agricultural market by producing front drive axles and drivetrain products that are rugged enough to work on uneven ground under constantly heavy loading conditions.  Spicer® front drive axles for agricultural machinery are engineered with optional wet service brakes to enable high-speed transport.