Construction Every construction vehicle performs a different task on the job site, but they all have a few characteristics in common. As demands for productivity increase, they all must perform at high levels of efficiency with little maintenance while working in hostile environments that exert high torques and loads on the equipment.


Dana supports a broad range of construction vehicles from four to 55 tons (3,600 to 50,000 kilograms) with axle and transmission solutions that deliver the required tractive effort. Spicer® high-horsepower pump-drive solutions provide responsive lift-cycle times for buckets, scoops, stabilizers, forks, and other hydraulically driven accessories.

Drivetrain systems for construction equipment are designed with internal, fade- and maintenance-free, liquid-cooled brakes, lube-for-life driveshafts, and other innovations that minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

And Dana addresses operator fatigue through electronic controls that improve shift quality and reduce acceleration jerk while supplying seamless transitions for the entire range of equipment maneuvers.

OEMs rely on Dana to produce integrated drivetrain systems for a variety of equipment used on construction sites, including wheel loaders, wheeled excavators, telescopic boom handlers, aerial work platforms, compactors and rollers, backhoe loaders, wheeled cranes, pavers, haulers, and ditchers and trenchers.

Traction is key for both productivity and safety on the varied, uneven, and unpaved terrain found at construction sites, and Dana offers several torque- biasing differential options, each custom-engineered to suit specific ground traction conditions across vehicle applications.