Material Handling  - Working around the clock and seven days a week to move high volumes of goods, material handling vehicles are the key to profitability in the transportation industry. Speed and load capacity are particularly important, because faster turnaround time - and therefore higher volume - equals a better profit margin, with safety a key requirement as well.


Spicer® transmissions supply reliable power for accessories used to engage, lift, and transport heavy loads managed by an advanced electronic control system that provides electronic clutch modulation (ECM), electronically controlled inching (ECI), and safety inhibit protection.

Performance and safety are enhanced with an oil-immersed wet brake system, available on even the smallest material handling vehicles. Utilizing a fully enclosed design, these brakes are sealed and protected from water, dirt, and other contaminants encountered in ports, terminals, container yards, heavy industry sites, and distribution centers.

Wet brakes also help keep both equipment and operators working at peak efficiency for extended periods of time by reducing brake wear and noise. 

Dana supplies OEMs with drivetrain components for a wide variety of material handling vehicles from two-ton (1,800-kilogram) forklift trucks to 50-ton (45,000-kilogram) reach stackers. These drivetrains are equipped with the power to handle any load, combined with simplified controls to increase handling and safety for operators with a wide range of skill levels.

Dana produces drivetrain components and complete systems for manufacturers of forklift trucks, reach stackers, straddle carriers, terminal tractors, railroad terminal tractors, and gantry cranes.

Spicer®  drivetrains for material handling vehicles are designed with the power and precise control needed to maximize productivity.