Mining vehicles used in forestry and mining operate in the most severe environments in the world, and yet they are expected to move enormous volumes of materials quickly to waiting trucks or a central staging point. Working continuously in remote, inaccessible locations, this equipment is subjected to abuse from the elements and rough treatment from operators.


Dana has designed complete drivetrain systems that supply improved  positioning, traction, braking, and reliability, as well as many other unique features specifically engineered to maximize the productivity of forestry and mining vehicles. 

Dana maximizes flexibility for vehicle designers by offering converter and transmission packages with integral, mid-mount, and remote configurations.  Spicer transmissions also feature innovations such as advanced charge pump systems, which provide increased oil flows to maximize performance in high-energy duty cycles as well as cold temperature environments.

Simple and reliable liquid-cooled braking systems increase stopping power and decrease brake temperatures by distributing the braking effort over a high percentage of the axle surface envelope. In fact, the Posi-Stop™ fail-safe service brakes predominantly used in ramp mining vehicles are world-renowned for delivering high-integrity, high-reliability performance through spring-applied hydraulic-release (SAHR) actuation.

The Spicer ® Model 58R397 axle is designed for high-performance, low-maintenance operation on large load-haul-dumps (LHDs) and mining trucks.

Mining vehicles using Dana drivetrains include scoops, shuttles, mine trucks, load-haul-dumps (LHDs), personnel  carriers, self-propelled blast-hole drills, and site utility vehicles.

Spicer® axles for mining equipment offer many differential designs that supply the excellent torque bias performance and required traction on varying ground conditions. For example, the Hydraloc™ torque-biasing differential provides optimum maneuverability and traction on the widely varying ground conditions found in logging environments.