Maintenance axles

produced by Dana Italia SpA (former Hurth Axle)

The frequency of checking the oil level

Check the oil level with the axles and the differential every month.

Oil change frequency:

  • In case of standard mechanically activated wheel clutches, differential lock and wheel hubs, change oil every 800-1000 hours. Oil must be of GL-4 type with additives providing optimal operation of wet brakes (MIL L-2105 ) or of GL-5 type at large load operations with LS/Limited Slip additives (MIL 2105-B).
  • In case of differentials with an increased internal friction, check oil every 500-700 hours remembering that oil must be of GL-5 type with LS additives (MIL 2105-B).
  • Selection of proper viscosity depends on ambient temperatures. For a selection of proper viscosity, contact your oil supplier.

Grease lubrication frequency:

  • At normal load operation, lubricate once a month.
  • At large load operation, lubricate once a week.

Regulation and control

  • Check wheel nut torque once a month.
  • Check and adjust brakes every six months.


DANA: Oil recommendations, transmissions

Oil system for torque converters/ transmissions

  • Oil type – allowed liquid ONLY TO hydrokinetic Dexron III
  • Viscosity in 40°C: 33 ›38 cSt
  • Viscosity in 100°C: 7 › 8 cSt
  • Flash point: min 160°C
  • Pour point: max –42°C
  • Oil change frequency – 1000 hours
  • Change every 1000 hours
  • First oil change: after 100 hours in a new or renewed propulsion assembly


DANA (former Clark Hurth) : Oil recommendations

Recommended greases used for torque converters and transmission with a hydraulic gear and direction change.

Greases used for propulsion converters and transmission with a hydraulic gear and direction change must comply with one of the specifications below.

Starting from the best:

  1. Caterpillar TO-4
  2. John Deere j20c,d
  3. Military mil-pfr-2104g
  4. Allison c-4
  5. Dexron II zamiennik – czytaj poniżej



Dexron II substitute is possible to use, however, it is not compatible with torque converters and transmission with clutch plates covered with graphite. Greases which are not recommended: Dexron III, engine oil, any GL-5 oil.

Oil viscosity

It is recommended to use monograde oils with the highest accessible viscosity towards expected ambient temperature. This is usually Cat TO-4 grease. If high variations in ambient temperature can be expected, 120°C, D multigrade oils are recommended. Multigrade oils should be applied at the lowest viscosity index for typical ambient temperature, i.e. 10W20 oil should be applied if monograde oil with 10W viscosity is applied. If C-4 multigrade oil is applied instead of 120 grease, viscosity to the amount of 10 is recommended, e.g. 10W20.

Synthetic oils are allowed to use if they comply with requirements of the specification above. Oil viscosity guidelines are applied, however, multigrade synthetic oils can have the index of above 10 value.

Fire resistant fluid recommendations – contact Dana Off-Highway (Dana products out of all types of heavy mechanical equipment).

Sump heaters – heat fluid to transmission to minimum temperature proper for oil viscosity before starting the engine.

Standard oil change frequency – empty and fill every 1000 hours to comply with environmental requirements and work cycle. Very low or persistently high temperatures and atmospheric conditions with large dust density result in quality deterioration and pollution. Oil change frequency must be properly estimated under extreme conditions.

Lower oil change frequency – – longer oil service life is possible when synthetic oils are used. Proper oil change frequency should be determined for each transmission through estimation of oil oxidation spread over time and metal usage to set a reference point. Metal usage analysis can be significantly useful, however, transmission must not removed based on the analysis.

Filters – check oil filtering element every 500 hours In normal environmental conditions and work cycle. Check high performance filters with prolonged service life every 1000 hours and in case of counter pressure measurement sensor alert.

This newsletter on recommended oils must not be applied to transmissions with electronic modulation where other types of oils are recommended.

Any departures from recommendations are required with a written consent by Spicer Off Highway technical department.

Recommended SAE J300 value of viscosity in relation to ambient temperatures (grease oil classification under viscosity according to SAE J300).

Some of the recommended transmission oils include:


  • Mobiltrans SAE 30 in summer time.
  • Mobiltrans HD SAE 10 W in winter time.


  • Transway AC SAE 30 in summer time.
  • Transway AC SAE 10 W in winter time.


  • Donax TC SAE 30 in summer time.
  • Donax TC SAE 10 W in winter time.


Always check with your supplier if the oil which you use complies with the specification above.